About What Inspires LR Gray

Dizella jpegHi LR Gray!  Welcome to my blog today!

Today, I would like you to discuss what inspires you to my readers.

I find many things in life to be inspiring. Something as small as a feather gliding right before your eyes. Especially on a day when everything that can and does go wrong happens. Then God sends that one gliding feather to say, “It’s okay” and in that moment life is well. Even when it physically has not changed. Somehow you know it is going to be alright.

One event such as that can inspire me to write about love, life, hardship and blessings.  God is my true foundation for my writing. He has always been there to help me turn my life challenges into life victories. For some people they say God changed everything around for them. I don’t disagree, but I see how he gives me the strength to turn those things around for myself. He always send a ram in the bush as he did for Abraham. Giving me a chance to see the good and how His plan is working for me. I just have to let him lead me, instruct me, and take precedence.

Thank you LR Gray for spending the last few weeks on my blog.  You have been a wonderful person and a joy to get to know more.


About LR Gray’s Hobbies and Pastimes

Dizella jpeg1. What are your hobbies?

Cooking with my family, especially my daughters.

2. What do you do when you are not writing?

I drive an 18 wheeler tractor coast-to-coast.

3. Are you a full-time writer?

No. I hope to be, one day.

4. Do you have a favorite quote?

I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.
Philippians 4:13 King James Version

5. Which organizations do you belong to?

None at this time.

6. If you were to do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?

I would have finished school and published my books sooner.

7. Who would you like to have coffee with if you got a chance?

William Thomas Kinkade III.

8. Why?

I always wanted to know what inspired him from that first stroke of paint.

9. How would you describe yourself?

Simple “A Believer.”

Thank you LR Gray for spending time with me here on my blog. You are a true inspiration to all writers!

Readers, stay tuned to my blog post on Friday when we will find out even more about LR Gray!

About LR Gray’s Work Space

Dizella jpegI am so excited to have LR Gray on my blog today to talk about her work space. All writers are fascinated by another writer’s writing space.

So, sit back and enjoy getting to know LR Gray better.

Describe my work space to the readers

As a mother, grandma and commercial driver my work space for the most part is where ever I can find a quiet spot. On most occasions when they were sleep or gone I would get to the kitchen table, my favor chair in the living room and even sometimes my bedroom and just clear my mind of everything except the story I am focused on.

What is your typical writing day like?

Since I have started driving OTR again, my typical writing days are short and usually during my 12hr down time before sleeping for 8hrs. These times could be in the middle of the day, early morning, late evening and sometimes right before midnight.

Where do you receive inspiration from?

For me, anything can inspire me to write. One of my favorite inspiring moments was a few years back. My sons, “Andrew and James” and I had just moved into our first San Antonio apartment. The apartment was still bare and unfurnished.

So we were spending a lot of time eating in front of the living room fireplace, sitting on tossed pillows or out on the balcony overlooking a creek running through the back yard. But this particular night out of the calm clear blue sky a big bad thunderstorm had crept up on us, knocking out all the power on our street, forcing us to eat in the absolute pitch dark and unwanted serious lightning flashing. We managed somehow to get through dinner. But the boys were afraid to go to their bedroom to sleep. So we decided to sleep right where we were in the living room with the tossed pillows and blankets.

The thunderstorm was getting closer and closer so the lightning flashed more and more as well as brighter, bigger and longer. So I slightly closed the vertical blinds as we laid there still unable to sleep. Seeing just how afraid they were, I told the boys to make up a story.

At first they were still afraid, then after a while they began to look around the room at the shadows of rain, the trees and the vertical blinds on the wall casted by the lightning flashing. From that moment they imagined themselves living in a rainforest in a tree house.

Where a sloth hung outside the bedroom window and birds were flying in the distance. I told them they had to come up with a name for themselves. They said they only saw one child but could not figure out what to call the child. So after looking around the empty room again there was nothing but pillows. So from the pillows the child’s name was born. His name would be Pillar.

What’s the most important writing advice you ever received?

I once read never write your book one day and submit it the next. Instead write a bit each day as you are inspired. When you have finished put it away and come back to it a week or two later.

Who inspires you as a writer?

If I had to give credit to someone it would not be a writer but an artist: William Thomas Kinkade III. No particular writer inspires me as much as mothers and grandmothers who are full-time writing about life. But Thomas Kinkade works of art speak so much to me.

How do you get ideas for your books?

Looking at life and its many concerns from the eyes of a child fills us all with many questions.

Are you predominantly a children’s book writer?


Will you ever branch out into other kinds of writing?


Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations for all of us writers!  You are a truly amazing person!

It is GREAT to have you here on my blog LR Gray. 

Readers, stay tuned to my post on Wednesday when LR Gray talks about her hobbies and pastimes.



How Part Time Can Avoid Stressors – Part II

take-your-desktop-for-a-walk-through-the-forest-nature-picture-forest-wallpaper[1]Writers encounter all sorts of stressors. They have a lot of demands made on them. These stressors, if they are not dealt with, can result in a loss of productivity and success for writers.

Writers cannot produce their best work if they experience stress and upheaval all the time. Unfortunately, as beautiful as the writing life is, it is plagued with uncertainty and stress without additional stressors that part-time writers experience after working full-time.

All day long we are pressured to do things right and get things right. We are expected to drive on the correct side of the road, keep our check book balanced, show up to work on time, cook dinner, and keep our homes clean.

Another special source of stress for writers is to work with a deadline and the need to check in with our editor. As much as you don’t want to carry on that conversation, you must.

Consider the following scenario. You have two manuscripts due to your publisher within a few months of each other. You are supposed to provide a final draft of the first manuscript soon. And things aren’t going well. The last thing you want to do is to ask the editor for an extension on your deadline because you never worked with this editor before.

Here are a few things not to do to deal with this stressor.

• Don’t take to your bed. Hiding under the covers is not the answer. Even if you’re feeling sad and overwhelmed, try not to throw in the towel.

Instead, get to work! not only will you be taking small steps towards completing your manuscript, but you will change your mind and overall attitude towards your manuscript. You will feel much more confident and positive than you did before.

• Don’t blow it off. Don’t adopt an attitude of the heck with it! Get it into your head that it does matter for you to complete your manuscript.
• Don’t make yourself sick by overdoing it. There is no denying the mind/body connection and the fact that anxiety and stress made people vulnerable to illnesses. Ventilate your emotions and practise anxiety management so as to avoid getting sick.

Learn some discharge technique such as silent screaming to ventilate pent-up stress and adopt some anxiety-management techniques such as deep breathing and guided visualizations to reduce your experience of anxiety.

By taking these concrete steps, you will be well on your way to conquering this kind of stressor and once you get home from work and finish dinner, you will take steps to habitually write for an hour or so before you go into your bath or bed.

You need to remember that if you are stressed out too often, not only will you not be doing your best writing but you will also open yourself up to many diseases and infections as mentioned above.

Further, by not dealing with the stressor you will be exhausted and you won’t want to write on a consistent basis. And this is a recipe for a lack of productivity and a lack of success.

About LR Gray’s Book

LR Gray’s book is a very excellent picture book about how to conquer your fears and to trust in God. It is a book that kids of all ages will enjoy over and over again.

41FeMmqXefL._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Dizella jpegHere is more information about this wonderful book

1. What is the theme of your book or description

Who Goes There is a story where fear, imagination and a good name comes together all in a very stressful night. We know fear is something that can get to the best of us as well as our imagination. And in this story a good name brings favor for a very good man who needed a little help. This book is also about family love. Which Granny Gray explains in her memories of her childhood. Sometimes love comes with unthinkable home remedies, like cow manure tea, spider webs and soot, catnip tea and a spat of chewed tobacco.

2. Who is the audience for your book?

Anyone and Everyone.

3. Can you provide us with you publisher information?

The publisher is Halo Publishing.

4. What is your Email

My email address is wordofaction@gmail.com

5. What contact information do you want the reader to have about you?

My Phone number is: 210-980-7675

6. Where is it available for purchase?

My book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. It is also available everywhere books are sold.

7. Please include anything else that a potential buyer of your book may need.

This book is safe for our little ears to hear and little eyes to read.

Thank you so much for being here on my blog again!  My readers are enjoying reading all about your book.


Meet LR Gray

Dizella jpegHi there! It is great to have you here on my blog!  I am SO looking forward to getting to know you more over the next week. I know that readers of my blog will be inspired by your beginnings and your writing life.

1. Tell us a few things about yourself

Well I am a mother of 8 and grandmother 21. I always wanted a big family. Maybe it was due to me coming from a large family, a family of 4 by my mother. She is one of 25. So family is very important for us. Holidays, birthdays, weddings, family reunion and even funerals are looked upon as opportunities to get together.

2. What’s your favorite book?

Great Expectations, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.

3. Who is your favorite author?

Charles Dickens

4. What inspired you to want to write your book?

When I look around and see how much of my generation are doing things unthinkable. Then the next generations are following suit. You have to ask yourself. What has gone wrong? Then I realized how blessed I was as a child to have had this network of family structure in my life.

I did not have an easy life. My mother raised me and my other three siblings by herself but not alone. There was her parents, brothers, sisters, good neighbors, church and Jesus our foundation. This structure was lacking for many of my peers and even more so in this present generation.

Where we see the mentality of having a baby is a decision based on flipping a coin, he’s so cute. He will make a cute baby for me and maybe even have a reality show. I would like to do my part of bringing back family values by first injecting self-awareness, self-value, self-worth, self-standards and goals, then self-achievements.

I hope to inspire these treasures through books, imagination, and arts and gifts. See I too have made many mistakes along my journey and even now. But the way I look at it is: Each one of us are responsible for what we can do and don’t do. I might not be able to do what others can, but what I can I should. We All Can Do Our Part.

5. Tell us a bit about your current writing projects.

Pillar and His Discoveries In The Rainforest is a story for adventurous and exploring minds. It’s full of dangers and mystery for a little 7 year old who just can’t be without his best friend. Not thinking about the what-if’s only focused on saving his friend, a 30 year old sloth.

6. Tell us a bit about your writing projects.

There is the Granny Gray series which goes on and on. I don’t know if she will ever end. For there is always a lesson to learn and teach. Then there are the L R Gray stories which are for the much more mature group. There are still lessons to learn but from a much more serious view.

Like for instance The Purple Tu-lips is about bullying, The Hike is about a faith that is stronger than life itself, Conspiracy Town is about what it says, So They Think They Got Us is about a government system lead by the dark society. Then there is my story: From The Mind of Damage Goods. This is basically my beginnings.

7. What can readers expect to get from this book?

There is much to get from each of these books for every stage in life.

8. Any tips for aspiring writers?

You have to be true to your most deepest self (your soul) and never let anyone talk you down. Your voice count.

9. Any last words? Or add your contact information.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but your soul is an even bigger loss.
Greatness is in all of us. Make it for the good of everyone.

My contact information is: wordofaction@gmail.comor nvention09@yahoo.com

God Bless

Thank you for inspiring today!  I look forward to learning

About Amy Hannah’s JoJo The Dorky Dog

Illustration-COVER-AmyHannah (6)Theme of Book

JoJo is not your everyday, fancy schmancy, purebred canine, but a mutant-mutt with a mish-mash of curious characteristics belonging to different sorts. Throw in a pair of unmatched peepers and a heart as big as the Georgia sky, and you have found a genuine friend who is nothing short of D-O-R-K-Y! In his very first Stillwater Farm Adventure title, “JoJo the Dorky Dog”, JoJo finds himself ready for a different kind of adventure and a new place to call home when his owners decide to move to Alaska. This loveable pooch sets out across the countryside determined to discover where he belongs, and a boy to call his own. He finds everything, and a little more, on his journey to Stillwater Farm.

Target Audience – age range of 6 thru 10.
Publisher – Halo publishing International

Social Media
Twitter: @stillwaterfrm
Instagram: jojostillwaterfarm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afhannahstillwaterfarm/#

Mailing/Phone Information
Stillwater Farm
PO Box 448
Blackshear, Georgia 31516
(912) 816-5706


Book is available for purchase at Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Here are the Links for Amazon & Barnes and Noble…..

Amazon – JoJo the Dorky Dog


Barnes and Noble – JoJo the Dorky Dog

Information for potential buyer

Whether children are reading for themselves or being read to, it is my desire that each little heart identify with the similarities and differences within their own characters, and the character of God, as they share JoJo’s Adventures on Stillwater Farm. The “Questions to Ponder” section at the end of the story is designed as an interactive aid to spark the imagination and summarize main points in the story. This cute and useful tool aids in developing reading comprehension and retention skills.