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A book about love, life and profound blessings

This is a unique book that I had the honour to review for Halo Publishing International!  I wanted to share this review with all my readers because this is just a gem of a book, one that can become a collector’s item for many serious readers.  This is an example of how to write a book!

Tending My Garden: A Celebration of Love, Life and Blessings
By: Jacqueline Miller Brown

This is a unique book about the many trials and tribulations as well as blessings that life has to offer. It is written in a wonderfully weaving poetic form that is filled with wisdom and honesty. Tending My Garden will inspire the reader to be so much more than she is now.

Life presents itself as a share of chaos and blessings. But so much of this world and our daily lives are painted in negative ways. We say and do negative things both to the planet and each other. This book will urge us to rethink all the negativity that we encounter and to be the voice of positivity and beauty in our lives.

Jacqueline Miller Brown believes that life is a garden. And family and friends are an intimate part of this garden. We have to nurture this garden and cultivate it so that it bears much good fruit.

We can do this by remembering the little things we take for granted such as the rain, sunshine, the beauty of flowers and the beauty of nature in all seasons. This world is a truly majestic place if we remember all the little things, turn off our technological devices and drink in the beauty that God has bestowed on us.

We get to honour God by taking each of these little things into consideration and give them their proper merit. And Brown honours God by using her writing to promote the word of God and inspire us to be our best to each other and ourselves.

The book is a treasure-throve of wisdom and inspiration. We are encouraged to celebrate love, our family, children, home, and each other. We must also celebrate milestones, discover strength and faith, and develop Christian values and celebrate blessings.

As a whole, this book will touch many souls and encourage us to see life much more positively and to live joyously despite the fact that life can present us with moments of distress, storms, and mistakes. May we rejoice and be glad every day.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth