Day 3: Nancy Coradinni’s Writing Life

pic-of-herHi Nancy!  Welcome to Day 3 of your VBT tour right her on my blog!

Today, can you please describe your writing life to my readers?

I consider myself a storyteller more than a writer/author. My life is rich with events that are interesting and insightful. I often tell my grandchildren stories I’ve lived and they love that it really happened. No one made it up. I do let them know that sometimes embellishing helps people imagine the characters you are talking about. They like telling me their oral stories too. I learn so much about them when they freely storytell!

To write the story I just sit down whenever time allows and put words to paper in the format I would be talking the story to a person. Then I go back, many times and create the settings, work on character and create conversation. In The Horse Who Loves Hats, the main characters are actually a few horses/people I observed combined into one. Those are Stardust, Ruby and Leti. Nel is actually me. I hope people understand how connected I am to Stardust. Picture books are a challenge with so few words!

One of the subjects in my story is autistic. I was aware of autism and observed the children coming to horse therapy where my horse was a participant. But, I researched autism in depth so my few sentences about Charlie, my character with autism, were not insensitive. I feel research is essential to writing.

If I were to write a story totally from my imagination I would picture it in real life first. I have been a beach goer all of my life. When I am not swimming in the ocean or walking the seashore I like to sit on the beach, watch the people or seashore life around me and imagine stories about their lives. My cousin Gretchen and I did that about people we would see at the beach over several years. We even gave them names. Maybe my next book will be about the beach people!

Thank you so much for sharing your writing life with my readers. I am sure they will be as inspired as I was with your writing life!

All the best of luck, and I wish you every success in the future!




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