About What Inspires LR Gray

Dizella jpegHi LR Gray!  Welcome to my blog today!

Today, I would like you to discuss what inspires you to my readers.

I find many things in life to be inspiring. Something as small as a feather gliding right before your eyes. Especially on a day when everything that can and does go wrong happens. Then God sends that one gliding feather to say, “It’s okay” and in that moment life is well. Even when it physically has not changed. Somehow you know it is going to be alright.

One event such as that can inspire me to write about love, life, hardship and blessings.  God is my true foundation for my writing. He has always been there to help me turn my life challenges into life victories. For some people they say God changed everything around for them. I don’t disagree, but I see how he gives me the strength to turn those things around for myself. He always send a ram in the bush as he did for Abraham. Giving me a chance to see the good and how His plan is working for me. I just have to let him lead me, instruct me, and take precedence.

Thank you LR Gray for spending the last few weeks on my blog.  You have been a wonderful person and a joy to get to know more.



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