How to Minimize Emotional Eating – Tip 2

Tip 2: Take Frequent Breaks

497aab608519dc641087cfcd5766a23fee545fb3[1]Do you have a difficult time taking the necessary time to take sufficient breaks during your writing day? Do you work nonstop and then feel extreme fatigue? Do you feel exhausted because you lead a relatively sedentary life? Are you overweight and can’t seem to take those pounds off?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, believe me, you’re not alone. You all seem to want to cram as much into a day as you can. And when you do that what has to go is our time to move and take a break. But is that really necessary to be productive?

I believe that you can’t be productive unless you take breaks. But what is more, you will be indulging in binge eating or emotional eating. This is because when you are exhausted and haven’t stood up or stretched, your body and mind is in overdrive. This feeling over many hours can result in frazzled and stressed muscles and feelings, causing you to overeat even more.

Therefore, you must get away from your desk when you’re at writing every hour or so. You could take a walk or go out for lunch. Try not to simply stay at your desk all day.

Here are some of the benefits of not staying at your desk all day.

1. You will feel better and more productive when you get some fresh air. There is nothing better than getting outside during your lunch hour. Go for a walk, or just simply get outdoors to clear your head.

2. When you take a complete break from your work, you will feel much more focused and able to work productively and efficiently when you return.

3. You will be able to shed some of these extra pounds by taking three twenty to twenty-five minute walks a week. Just increasing your activity level this much will really help because your metabolism will perk up as a result.

4. You will feel less stressed. Taking even a brief walk or break from your desk can really help you to centre and to regain some of your energy. Then when you return to your desk, you could be doubly productive. But what is more, this will help you to curtail emotional eating.

5. By taking time for yourself you will feel better and less fatigued, thus improving your productivity levels. You will be happy with yourself and with your productivity. And who knows, your boss may even notice at the improvement in your attitude.

So, take frequent breaks away from your desk, especially at your lunch hour. You deserve some time away from your desk. And your body, mind and spirit will thank you. You will be happier and more productive, and you will curtail emotional eating.

Irene S. Roth


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