Have you Mastered Creative Anxiety?

newyears-path-1024x633Are you creating a lot less often than you would like? Are you avoiding your creative work altogether? If so, anxiety may be the culprit! Anxiety regularly hampers productivity and makes a writer’s experience of writing more painful than pleasurable. It can even stop normally creative people entirely, preventing them from realizing their dreams. Anxiety is the number one problem that you have to face. Yet very few you are aware of how anxious you are when you sit down to write.

Anxiety is as much a part of the creative life as it is part of the human condition. Yet, most of you don’t realize how anxiety can negatively impact your overall writing productivity. You avoid experiencing anxiety or even becoming aware of it because of your human defensiveness towards it. Most times, you try to deny that you are anxious. And unless you deal with anxiety directly, sadly it won’t just go away.

To determine whether or not anxiety negatively impacts your overall productivity, answer the following questions.

• Do you procrastinate when you write?
• Do you resist getting to your writing or marketing your work?
• Do you have trouble deciding which creative project to tackle?
• Do you find completing your writing projects hard?

If you struggle with any one of these things, you are probably an anxious writer. Over the next few weeks I will be discussing some of the different anxieties that you face as a writer so that you could become aware of which type of anxiety you suffer from. Tune in next Tuesday for more about this.

But for now, reflect on which of the above things you struggle with right now? Let me know below and let’s get to the bottom of your anxieties together!

Until Next time!
Irene S. Roth


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