How to Manifest Excellence in Your Writing Career

0__IMG_6135[1]There are many ways to manifest excellence in your writing career. Many writers know of a few ways to do so.
In this segment, I will list all the ways that writers could take steps to manifest excellence.

Some of the tips that I mention below will be different, such as the one of not tolerating put-downs or hanging around negative people. The idea behind these tips is that if we hang around people who are negative and lack excellence, you will have a difficult time to be your best too and to manifest excellence in different aspects of your life. So, read the tips with an open mind, and highlight a few that you would like to work on in the near future to start manifesting excellence.

Here are some ways to manifest excellence in your writing life:

• Write every day—otherwise you won’t experience continuity as a writer.

• Permit yourself to write—without anyone’s permission.

• Have a comfortable and inspiring environment in which to write.

• Don’t compare yourself to others—this is such a waste of time and energy because no two writers are ever the same.

• Don’t criticize yourself with harsh negative statements—this gives others the message that you lack self-confidence and excellence.

• Don’t hang around negative people—they will emotionally derail you and your efforts to be your best.

• Don’t tolerate put-downs from others—they make you feel inadequate and to ultimately lack self-confidence in your abilities.

• Take pride in your writing.

• Honour yourself as a writer.

• Grow as a writer—take courses, read, upgrade, do things differently.

• Don’t push yourself to write too much.

• Don’t write bad quality manuscripts.

• Self-promote yourself on social media.

• Build a solid identity as a writer.

• Proofread your blogs thoroughly.

• Be intentional about your writing.

• Dare to be your best.

• Write, with pride.

• Believe in your writing.

• Believe in yourself as a writer.

• Identify yourself as a writer.

So, highlight a few of the above tips to feeling like an excellent writer, and get on the path towards excellence.

Try it!

Irene S. Roth


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