Writing for Personal Fulfillment

Do you set some time aside every week to write for personal fulfilment? If you don’t, you probably feel stressed out and not as productive as you could be if you took a few hours off each week to write something that you thoroughly enjoy and feel inspired to try.

About three years ago, I was on a live Teleclass with Nancy Sanders. At the time, one of the things that she was discussing was the importance of writing for personal fulfillment and she encouraged all of us on the call to spend a certain, even small, amount of time every week pursuing this kind of writing. At the time, I only wrote in order to get published and earn income. But Nancy’s idea opened a whole new world for me.

Writing for personal fulfillment is a GREAT way to inspire you to become more productive with your own writing projects during the week too. When you write for personal fulfillment, you are typically trying a new genre of writing that you don’t typically write in. The most important thing to remember about writing for personal fulfillment is that it has to be stress-free and it has to be something that you truly enjoy.

Here are a few benefits that I discovered when I started writing for personal fulfillment:

1. You will be much more content as a writer

There is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than writing for personal fulfillment. You can choose a genre of writing that you never dared to try for personal fulfillment. Pursue it for a while risk-free and see if you enjoy it. If you do enjoy it, keep writing in this genre. If you don’t enjoy the particular genre of writing you try, move on and try another genre.

2. You will feel more like completing your main writing projects

There is nothing more productive than writing for pleasure. And this is especially the case because writing is a difficult occupation, filled with hard work, small progress, and seclusion. We all need to do the kinds of writing we enjoy for a few hours a week. Then when you get back to our own writing on Monday, we will be poised and ready to tackle our projects with renewed energy.

3. You will be honing your skills in a new genre of writing

There is no better feeling of professionalism than knowing that you are trying to be your best as a writer. And there is something about writing for personal fulfillment that makes you feel like a professional writer who wants to be well-rounded and is trying all that she can to be such.

4. You will be trying your hand at other kinds of writing

Sometimes, writers tend to get all caught up in a rut of their own making. They seem to merely pursue one kind of writing—regardless of whether or not they are successful. And this can really kill the enjoyment of writing and frustrate writers.

Sometimes, when a writer tries a new kind of writing, they discover that they like it enough to write part-time in this genre. And this will open them up to even being successful in this new genre and perhaps even get published faster. What a Bonus!

So, go ahead and write for personal fulfillment. Determine what kinds of writing you would like to try in your spare time and devote some time each week writing in this genre for personal fulfillment. You will feel fulfilled and content as a writer and you will be very glad to get to your regular projects on Monday!

Irene S. Roth


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