The Importance of Taking Stock

JournalHi Everyone,


  This week is all about taking stock of your writing environment and writing projects.  I love to call December reset and revamp month.  It is the month in my writing career where I take a look back at my year and take stock of my accomplishments and where I fell short a bit. 


  So, here is a rubric that I use to determine how I did during the year.


1.  Look over your list of manuscripts you said you would have completed in 2014.  How did you do?


2.  If you didn’t write a list, did you accomplish what you set out to initially?  If not, what got in your way?  Do as much brainstorming as possible about this?


3.  What can you do differently this coming year to make sure that the same things that went wrong in 2014 don’t keep recurring?  Again, brainstorm as many of the things that went wrong as possible.


4.  What went right this year? List these things in a different colour ink if possible. Can you keep doing these things this coming year?


5.  If you were to give yourself a report card for your writing, give yourself a mark out of 10 of all the goals that you accomplished. Don’t be too hard on yourself.  And don’t judge harshly. Instead, be as loving as yourself as possible.


6.  How do you feel as a writer?  Do you want to improve your skills in any area?  List all the areas that you would like to improve.


7.  Look at your list of goals for 2015.  Feel good about yourself for being organized.


8.  Take a look around your office?  Is there anything you would like to change about your environment?  Would you like to move your desk to another corner of your room?  Would you like to put in an easy chair to read in and think?  List anything you would like to change.


9.  Would you like to experiment with different writing times? Would you like to participate in sprints so that you could be more accountable in 2015?  List everything that you would like to change in 2015.  


10.  Write down anything else that you would like to change, even if it isn’t related to your writing.  For instance, you may want to do more walking or exercise. Or, you may want to take up a hobby.  Whatever it is, write it down in your writer’s journal. 


Irene Roth




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