NaNoWriMo For Children’s Writers

JournalMany children’s writers don’t think that they could take part in NaNoWriMo.  But this is not true. All children’s writers can take part in this important event, but on their own terms.

Obviously, most children’s writers don’t need to write 50,000 words. However, depending on the kind of writing that you do, be it middle grade novels or short stories or even picture books, you could definitely decide on the parameters of what you will create and take steps to create it.

For instance, if you write middle grade novels, go ahead and plan your novel. Outline your story and then figure out your plot and how you will solve your problem. Then plan your chapters. Write all of these down, open folders for each chapter, and open up your files on your computer. Then, when November 1st comes, you could plan to write your middle grade novel during the month.

Or, if you write picture books, you may decide to write 2 or 4 picture books during the month of November. Decide on how many books you could write, and then sit down and write them. You could set out the parameters for your own productive month, and get a lot done.

So, regardless of whether you are a children’s writer or an adult writer, you can write during NaNoWriMo and get a LOT of writing done. November is usually such a dark and dreary month weather-wise so why not get productive.

That is precisely what I plan to do. Each November I get really productive in writing a couple of manuscripts. Last year, I wrote a nonfiction book from start to finish in addition to two picture books. So, I know you can do too. So, start planning, and let me know how the process if coming along!

~ Irene Roth


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