Excuses Begone

It has been said that old habits die-hard and seem to be next to impossible to change. But this need not be the case. You CAN change old habits and patterns of thinking that are keeping you from being the best writer possible.

The first thing that a writer should do is to take stock regularly. When a writer evaluates how she is progressing, she is able to become aware of some of the self-defeating thoughts and actions that she takes every day—ones that are completely unproductive and can lead to misery and a lack of success.

In order to change our old negative, self-defeating writing habits, we should seek to get rid of all of our excuses for not accomplishing and producing what we must in order to be successful. This usually takes an intentional mind shift—one that moves the writer from a negative to a positive state of mind.

So, instead of constantly saying, I can’t, I’m not able, I’m too old, I’m too dumb, and so on, we should say, I will try this, I can do this, I can learn to be a better writer, I can get published and so on. No matter where you are in your writing career, you can make small improvements today in your thinking patterns that will eliminate some of the excuses for you to remain stuck in a rut of negativity.

Here are a few things you could do to get yourself out of the negativity rut.

• Make a decision NOT to entertain any more excuses for not being the best writer that you can be. Instead, start where you are right now, and decide on which positive steps you can take to bring your career to the next level so that in time you could be successful.

• Take steps to change and reverse all negative self-defeating writing habits and thoughts that you have towards your writing career. Instead, try to write every day, even if it is for 15 to 20 minutes. The consistency will help you to feel more confident about your writing career. Also, take a class every season to upgrade and improve your writing skills.

• Have a zero tolerance towards negativity in your life in general. Many times when writers experience negativity in other parts of their lives, such as with their families or jobs, this kind of spills over into their writing life. So, it is important to take steps to be as positive in all areas of your life.

• See yourself through a new lens. Instead of seeing yourself through the lens of failure, view yourself through the eyes of success. If you have to fake that feeling at first, that’s okay. Just develop it. This positive feeling will give you the confidence to pursue any of the avenues you need in order to be the most successful writer.

By taking these steps, you will stop making excuses for not being a successful writer. Instead, you will take responsibility for your writing life. You CAN BE a successful writer. It doesn’t have to be difficult, even small changes can produce major results. All you need is a positive mind-set.

Try it!

Irene S. Roth
Freelance Writer, Author, and Editor


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