How do I know if I am an unfulfilled as a writer?

Many of us have an inconsistent feeling when we sit down to write. Sometimes we feel happy enough to write, especially if we are starting a new venture or writing project. But most times, we don’t feel happy and instead feel unfulfilled.

So, what are the telltale signs of not being a fulfilled writer? Well, here are a few to consider:

• You feel agitated before you sit down to write;
• You feel anxious when you sit down to write;
• You feel like you won’t accomplish what you set out to do;
• You doubt yourself as you write;
• You are always saying negative things to yourself as you write;
• You are distracted, and you want to do anything but write during your allotted time;
• You avoid writing if you can—so if there is any excuse at all not to write, you will opt for it;
• You feel awful when you write and when you don’t write and should be writing;
• You feel guilty when you don’t write, and hate when you do write;
• You are always comparing yourself to everyone around you, especially other writers;
• You don’t feel confident as a writer;
• You don’t feel that your writing is ever good enough;
• You don’t take time to improve yourself as a writer but expect yourself to be a good writer;
• You don’t relax when you sit down to write—instead it sometimes feels as if you are having an anxiety attack;
• You don’t know what to write when you sit down—and you have a difficult time deciding what to commit to;
• You quit projects if you don’t feel like writing about them;
• You complain all the time when you write and see writing as a chore that must be completed, much like a terrible household task.

If you feel this way before you write, you are not a fulfilled writer. So, you should take steps to improve your self-esteem as a writer.

Try it!

Irene S. Roth


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