The Benefits of Writing for Personal Fulfillment

There are SO many benefits to writing for personal fulfillment. In this blog post, I intend to examine these benefits in some detail.

Imagine giving yourself permission to do any kind of writing that you would like to pursue. We have so many ideas of writing that we would like to try. But we never have the guts to try. Well when you write for personal fulfillment, you could try any kind of writing that you would like. The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination.

So, here are some of the known benefits of writing for personal fulfillment:

• You could write a manuscript that is near and dear to your heart without worrying. Just have fun with it! So many of us write manuscripts that we are not truly inspired with. But when we write for personal fulfillment, we will be writing manuscripts that inspire to be the best writer we are capable of.

• You will feel refreshed and refueled and motivated and eager to do your regular writing on Monday. When we do another kind of writing from the ordinary one we do, we feel refreshed as a writer.

• You’ll have variety in your writing career. Most of us are capable of doing many kinds of writing. However, unless we write for personal fulfillment, we won’t know what those different kinds of writing are. For instance, I would have never known how I enjoy writing picture books unless I tried writing these books for personal fulfillment. I even have one picture book published. But I wasn’t counting on it when I started. This is a kind of writing that I do to relax.

• You will be a versatile writer. When writers write in different genres, they are versatile and well-rounded. Being stuck in one kind of writing can cause a lot of boredom and unrest for a writer. Also, after a while, the writer may not feel motivated to write any longer.

• You may be developing a new kind of writing that you could be successful at later on. There are so many different kinds of writing that we could explore. We should explore as many as we can for personal fulfillment.

• You will develop a love for the very act of writing. When you take the time to simply write for the beauty of it, you will know how great it feels to write without worrying about publishing or sending queries.

• You will develop self-confidence as a writer. If you pursue writing that you feel joyous to do, you will be developing self-confidence as a writer. What a wonderful feeling.

Given these benefits, you can’t help but feel fulfilled as a writer. You will enjoy your writing career, and you will feel motivated to get back to your regular writing on Monday morning.

For more information on how to write for personal fulfillment, please double click on this link:

Try it!

~ Irene S. Roth


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