Writing on the Computer

Hi fellow writers!

Lately, I’ve been doing some reflecting on the difference of writing by hand on a pad with pen in hand and writing  and composing on the keyboard.

I have discovered that there is a marked difference between writing on paper at your desk and writing on the keyboard.  Most notably, the difference is as follows as I have seen after reflecting on this for about a year or so while writing both ways:

When I write on the keyboard, I could write a lot quicker. For instance, I could write a few books a month or 150 pages each. So, when I write by hand it is much slower.

However, what bothers me about writing on the keyboard as opposed to writing by hand is the quality of writing. I am worried that the quicker my writing becomes, the less precise and concise it will be.

Now, there are certain kinds of writing that I still to by hand, such as when I do philosophical writing. However, despite that, I still write my nonfiction books for teens and tweens on the keyboard. I have an outline of all the chapters and an outline of each chapter, but beyond that, I have nothing written down on paper.

There is something perplexing about writing completely on the keyboard. So, I will definitely make sure that I find out why I am so perplexed about it over the next while and whether I could determine whether there are certain books that could and perhaps even should be written on a keyboard.

As some of you know, I also write novels. Now novel-writing is one type of writing that it is BEST, in my opinion, to write first drafts on the keyboard. After you have your overall outline and chapter outlines, and character sketches, and plot points, it is time to sit down and write it quickly.

However, the jury is still out for nonfictional kinds of writing.  So, I will keep exploring and let you know what my findings are in the future.

To your productivity this spring!

Irene S. Roth


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