Eradicating Negative Thoughts in 10 Easy Steps

Many writers are plagued by negative thoughts. Those thoughts range from very mild to very abusive thoughts—so abusive in fact that writers can no longer write or function.

Negative thoughts can be very paralyzing. Therefore, it is essential for writers to take steps to eradicate them once and for all.

Here are 10 sure-fire ways of doing so.

1. Become aware of all of the negative things that you tell yourself over and over. You can do this by:

• Writing down all the negative statements that come into your head over a week period;
• Then replace these negative thoughts with positive ones—write them down below the negative ones in a different color ink;
• Practise the positive statements in front of a mirror;
• Practise the positive statements in real situations when you feel down.

2. Have a gratitude list that you could refer to when you get down on yourself. On this gratitude list, have a list of everything good that has happened to you in the past six months to a year. Take some time creating this list. Don’t rush it. And don’t create your gratitude list when you’re low. You won’t create an honest list.

3. Focus on positive things as much as possible, both in your writing life and in your life in general. The more you can positive on the positive the better.

4. Hang around positive writers and people if possible. If you keep hanging around negative people, you will be negative too.

5. If someone is constantly negative, either remove yourself from the person’s purview or limit your exposure to such a person.

6. Avoid negative critique groups or critique partners. Also, avoid negative accountability partners—these are people who you email or call for support. If they are negative, have nothing to do with them.

7. Have a zero tolerance towards negative thoughts in yourself. If they occur, consult your gratitude list or do something that you really enjoy.

8. Realize that you are okay just as you are this very moment. If you don’t think you are, take a self-esteem workshop. There are also some GREAT books out there on the topic as well. Work on being positive as much as possible.

9. Take some time to refresh. If you’re exhausted, you will probably be much more negative and moody. Go on a retreat of a few hours or a few days. Do something different.

10. Sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. It is amazing how fatigue can make you feel worse about yourself and create a negative and mediocre feeling. If you didn’t sleep well on a particular night, don’t be afraid to take a 10 or 15 minute nap. Set an alarm clock, and just rest.

By taking these steps, you will be eradicating mediocre thoughts from your mind and heart. And your life and writing life will be much more self-confident and productive.

For more information on how to eradicate negative thoughts, please look out for an E-book on the topic by the middle or end of next month. It will be available on this blog.

Until next time,
Irene Roth


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