Nancy I. Sanders “The Triple Crown of Success”

hpim7509-version-2The best way I know of for writers to build a successful career writing children’s books is to follow my recipe for the Triple Crown of Success: Use three different strategies to meet three different goals that all writers write for: earning income, getting published, and writing for personal fulfillment.

So many writers write one manuscript on a topic they’re passionate about, hope it gets published, and hope it earns big bucks. When they finally catch the eye of an interested editor (after what may take years) they’re hugely disappointed when they get offered a contract for either buying all rights to their story or for a very low payment. They feel frustrated, angry, and defeated, and most writers quit before their career even has a chance to reach solid ground.

The Triple Crown of Success offers a different strategy. It teaches writers how to work on three different projects in their writing week, each with a different goal in mind. By separating each of these three goals into it own different manuscript project,
*You can work on a topic you’re passionate about and try to get it published is a way that leaves you feeling personally satisfied.
*You can work for income on a different manuscript even if a publisher buys all rights because you know you’re writing on a topic the publisher wants…and getting a nice fat paycheck for it.
*You can write manuscripts that may not earn you much money, but are practically guaranteed to get you published again and again throughout the year to build your published credits.

You can learn more about how to utilize the Triple Crown of Success to take your writing career to the next level in my book, Yes! You Can Learn How to Write Children’s Books, Get Them Published, and Build a Successful Writing Career.

Thank you Nancy for enlightening us on your Triple Crown of Success.  I know it has help me build my writing career and I thank you so much for it!


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