A Catalogue of Writer’s Self-Defeating Excuses

Writers can use so many excuses to keep themselves trapped in being unproductive and unfulfilled.

I have known writers who fit into at least one or more of the categories listed below. However, by changing their thinking patterns, they have shifted from being unproductive to productive and fulfilled writers. But to change, we have to become aware of some of the self-defeating things that we tell ourselves over and over again.

Here is a possible list……

• It will be difficult…

Yes, it can be difficult to start a writing career and be successful. But you CAN do it with patience, perseverance, and consistency. Just taking small steps can make a huge difference in your overall productivity as a writer.

• It will take a long time to become a writer

You don’t need to focus on becoming a writer. You are already a writer by your intention to write. However, what you need to focus on is your intention of writing every day—then the rest will take care of itself.

• I have no one to help me

There is a lot of help available to writers today online. Also, you could take classes to hone whatever writing skills you need to. So, instead of resorting to self-pity help yourself to get better by taking small steps every day, week and month. You CAN start a writing career and be successful.

• I’m not smart enough to be a successful writer.

This is a common excuse—but it is not true. All of us can be the unique writer that we are simply by getting out of our negative mind-set and focusing on the actions that we should take today to improve and to write. We can all do this. It is that easy!

• I’m too old to be a successful writer

We are never too old to be a writer. No one ever is actually. I know writers in my critique group who are in their late 80’s and they are still writing, publishing, gaining contracts, and continuing on—getting better and better.

• I don’t have enough energy to be a successful writer

It doesn’t take a lot of energy to be a successful writer. All you need is consistency and taking small consistent steps every week. That takes planning, but not necessarily a lot of energy. But once you start writing, energy will beget energy and you will want to do more and more writing.

• I’m too busy to start a writing career

To start a writing career, all you need is 10 to 15 hours a week. Just don’t watch as much television over the week and you will have your writing time in place. It is that simple. I tell my students in workshops that anyone has time to write. And once they believe that, they are able to start writing.

By avoiding some of these excuses, you can become the writer you want to become. Just start with small goals and in time you will be feeling much more confident as a writer. And you will stop being so negative and instead write and enjoy the journey of being a writer because believe me it is a GREAT journey!

~ Irene Roth


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