Day 2: Angela Joseph’s VBT Tour-Women for all Seasons

I’m happy to be hosting Day 2 of a 5-day virtual tour for Angela Joseph’s book, Women for All Seasons.

Today, Angela tells us about the writer’s life. I am so excited to learn all about Angela’s journey as a writer.

angela's book coverangelaThe Writer’s Life with Angela Joseph

I still work almost full time as an occupational therapist, and on two of those days, Monday and Tuesday, I work ten hours. That, plus commuting time, accounts for about twelve hours of my day, so when I get home all I can do is crash. From Wednesday I begin to creep into the writing mode once more, but I still do very little. So my writing week really lasts from Thursday to Sunday.

There is something about the early morning that sparks my creativity. On my writing days I try to wake up while it is still dark outside and work on my novel in my bed. That’s my favorite writing spot with my laptop on my lap and my surroundings quiet. When the bed gets uncomfortable, I go to my desk which sits near a window. I love the outdoors and seem to draw inspiration from them. On my morning walk I go over the plot in my mind and I pick up little sensory details to enhance my descriptions.

My other favorite writing spot is on my patio, which has a spectacular view of the lake and the swimming pools. Sometimes I allow myself to daydream as I watch the birds, the water and the lush greenery. I can only write there in the afternoon when the sun has gone down. But I try to get out there as much as possible.

How much I write depends on how well the story flows. With my novel, I may write about three to five pages at a time and complete a scene. Then before I go back to it, I usually work out the next scene in my mind. This way everything comes together quite easily and when I begin to write, I try not to edit. I would write several chapters before I read over what I have written. For assignments I can work for several hours without a break, but I try not to exceed three. And as with my novel, I like to leave it for a day or two before going back to it. When I do, I tend to see it with a fresh set of eyes.

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It was GREAT to have you here on my blog today Angela!  I look forward to catching up with you later!

To follow Day 3 of this tour, tomorrow go to


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