Week 2 of My Health Challenge

Hi there fellow writers!

How was last week for you?!

I have been quite good, and I am feeling so much better too!  Here are some of the changes that I made so far to my health:

  • I started eating gluten-free foods and enjoying the taste of them;
  • I have cut my portion sizes to make sure that I eat only until I am full;
  • I have stayed on my program–even during this long weekend;
  • I have been eating slower and enjoying my food more;
  • I have been incorporating exercise every day–at least 20 minutes a day;
  • I have been meditating every evening after my nice long bubble bath.

How are you doing?  Please let me know below….

Now…let me turn to my writing goals for a few minutes. Here are the things that I accomplished last week:

  • I wrote least 2,000 words on my YA novel;
  • I read for another 2 hours and did a lot of organizing–despite the fact that I am not home…that’s why God made pen and paper I guess…LOL;
  • I have a good sense of how I am doing on my long-term, yearly writing goals, and what I need to make this the best writing year ever;
  • I have given myself permission to slow down and to reassess often.
  • I have given myself permission to take time to be healthy and to balance my life with my writing goals–both are important for a healthy life.

How are you doing on your writing goals?  Let me know here and let’s all converse with each other!

Until next time!~ Irene Roth


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