7 habits of highly committed wirtersI know….its had to believe, but we are approaching the last 4 months of the year.  How are you doing with your writing goals? Are you accomplishing everything that you wanted to?

Perhaps this is a good time to take stock before next months comes around….there is only one day left in August. So, take the time to write about your progress towards your goals in your success journal today. If you haven’t started a success journal, now may be the time to do so. Buy yourself a spiral notebook or a nice journal. If you decide to buy a journal, don’t skimp.  Just buy the nicest one you can find and one that speaks to you. This is a place where you will be writing and reflecting a lot. So, be nice to yourself and get one that motivates you to be your best.

If you are struggling with your goals, believe me you’re not alone. Look at what you are doing and what you need to accomplish your goals. Then sit down and write out your 3 main goals for the last quarter and get busy trying to achieve them.

I wrote an e-book about deciding on your writing goals and how to be a successful writer.  Please double-click on the link below to purchase this important book:

Until next time, and to your writing success!

Irene Roth


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