Day 4 and 5: Rest, Exercise and Message

As many of you know after reading my blog for the past few days, I have been starting a new health challenge.  I am trying to create more balance and health in my life. And this is really important given that I have terrible arthritis.

On Wednesday evening because of all the pressure changes here and the humidity, I got one of my classic migraine headaches. But since I was on retreat, I took a different route than reaching for a pill. I went for a message on Thursday and then I just rested and read for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening, I went for a nice long walk along the beach, I felt so invigorated.

Also, I started eating gluten-free. I had some banana bread that they prepared here that was made from rice flour.  It was really yummy…and filling too. And I had a lot less arthritis pain too!  Thanks so much Suzanne Lieurance for that wonderful tip!

Yesterday, I just did some more resting, and I took a 5 mile bike ride around the shoreline.  I will show you a few pics of the lake where I am staying and how beautiful sunsets are.


Ah…..isn’t that beautiful.  It sure is.  I am really enjoying my stay.

Have a good weekend all!








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