Day 2: Today is my Fast day!

Hi everyone again,

Today was my fast day.  During a fast, I eat little more than protein, veggies, and fruit.   And I drink a lot of water.

It is 7 p.m. here and I am a bit hungry but I am going to have fruit later.

I love fast days.  They are cleansing and I feel so much better.  It can also aid digestion and get rid of toxins.

I have fasted for over 5 years.  I usually do one to two fast days a week, depending on the season.  But since I am doing this health challenge, I have decided to do 2 fasts a week, one on Tuesdays and one on Fridays.

I also took a 20 minute walk on the beach this morning as the sun was rising on the water.  It was stunning!

How was your day?



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