Writing “and” Eating Healthy: I am Taking Up the Challenge

How many writers have a difficult time writing and living a healthy life?  I know I do.  My priorities go towards my writing and I don’t really take the time to care of myself. As the week goes on, I get more and more unhealthy, bloated, in pain, and miserable.  Yes, I get my writing done, but my quality and health suffer.

One example of this is when I went to my doctor a few months ago.  He said, Irene you need some balance in your life.  You are very successful in your career and as a writer. But you also have to remember where those words come from.  They come from you and you are your own most important asset. Well, that shook me to core.  It still does.  I am out here on a retreat after closing the deal on my parents house and my home of origin. It has been a really emotional time for me.  So, I decided that everything was signed and the house was indeed gone and all lawyers paid, that I would sit down and go on a retreat of my own.  So, that is precisely what I did and here I am.  Here is one thing that the doctor would definitely agree with.

One of the most important things that writers can do for themselves is to take charge of their own health and become their own self-managers. This means that they should take the time to prepare healthy meals, and to exercise and take some time for themselves every day. This is as important as getting enough sleep and breathing. But very few of us do this until it is too late and we develop high blood pressure, arthritis from sitting too long every day or carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, when I heard of Suzanne Lieurance’s challenge, I decided to take it on.  Here are a few changes I will make right away:

1.  I will plan to move every day for 15 to 20 minutes rain or shine;

2.  I will meditate every day;

3.  I will do something for myself every day;

4.  I will eat healthy every day and remove any wheat from my diet.

So, here I am.  I start tomorrow.  I hope others will join Suzanne Lieurance and the members of the Working Writer’s Club that I belong to.  Follow along here http://writebythesea.com/516/healthy-writers/take-the-writers-healthy-lifestyle-challenge/ and leave a comment below and at Suzanne’s blog too.

Take care all, and let’s all make a commitment towards our health and well-being!

~ Irene Roth


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