Meet Brandon Ellis


Welcome Brandon!  I look forward to getting to know you more. 

1. Tell us a few things about yourself.

I’m one of those writers who has a full-time job, plus raising three kids. So, time on my hands is minimal. I write when everyone is fast asleep, peaceful in their beds.

Anyway, I grew up on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon in a little town known as Gladstone. I had a taste of writing when I wrote my first children’s book in fifth grade. I wrote, designed the cover, and color illustrated each page. By 8th grade, I had written four children books, one of which was published in 2009 by Blue Heron Publishing, Inc.

I didn’t take writing serious until I enrolled in a creative writing class at Clackamas College in Oregon City, OR. That was in 1996. Wow! Back then I thought people my current age were old. How time flies.

Upon finishing my first short story in that college class, I sat through the professor criticizing my writing skills, grammar challenges, and past/present tense issues for ten minutes in front of the entire class. When the professor stopped, he pointed at me, saying, “After all I’ve said, I would not be surprised if within two years, he writes a best seller.”

After class, the professor took me aside, asking me what were my writing goals. I shrugged, shaking my head and stating, “I just love to write.” The professor nodded and told me that if I continue to write, fixing my writing errors, then I will have a stellar writing career.

Over 10 years later, while working on polishing my writing skill while maintaining a successful sports massage therapy career, I wrote my first novel, “The PureLights of Ohm Totem.”

2. Who is your favorite author?

My favorite all time author would probably be J.R. Tolkien, but currently Hugh Howey of the Wool Series has me preoccupied. I love his books.

3. What are your hobbies?

I like to write. 🙂 I used to be an avid sports player—basketball, baseball, and softball—but all changes when you have kids. So, reading and writing are my main hobbies.

The Purelights4. What inspired you to want to write The PureLights of Ohm Totem?

That’s a long story, but I’ll make is short. My inspiration was an image in my mind that turned into an entire book series in a matter of seconds. I saw it all play out in my mind. I know, I know. That probably doesn’t make sense, so here goes my short version of how this book started.

It had been a long 10-hour work day. I’d just gotten home from work, dropped my keys off on the counter, then walked down the hallway toward my room. I was just entering my room, carrying my laptop, when I abruptly stopped. There, in my mind, came a single image – a tree in the darkness with snow all around. However, the snow wasn’t from clouds dropping flakes from above. It was from the tree itself, sprinkling snow from its branches and onto the ground. Then, like a movie, an entire story took place in my mind. I saw characters, action scenes, dialogue, and many other things. I quickly wrote down a synopsis of what I could remember, telling myself I’d get to it as soon as possible. When two years went by and I barely had anything, that’s when I started dreaming of the book. I saw ancient and sacred scrolls, more characters, more scenes, etc. I then wrote and wrote and wrote.

As I wrote, I had the help from a friend, one who didn’t know she was helping me. This friend of mine—a very dear and close friend—had a Near Death Experience (an NDE) years before I had met her. An NDE is when someone dies, goes up a tunnel, meets angels/guides, has a conversation, then comes back down into their body. Well, she had one of the longest and most detailed accounts of an NDE ever recorded. So, with all the years I’ve known and been around her, she planted seeds in my mind full of wisdom and insights—things she learned from her NDE. I, in turn, planted those seeds in the books as well, hoping to give those same words of wisdom to the rest of the world, just as she has done throughout her life.

5. Was this a difficult book to write?

It was rather easy, simply because I love to write. I find every bit about the writing process fascinating, even editing. The only difficulty was the long nights spent writing it. If I could write in the day, and I pray someday I can, then I could crank out wonderful novel after wonderful novel, living the writer’s dream.

6. Can you summarize the book for us?

Zoey and Coda are like everyone else in their small town of Gladstone, but that’s about to change – forever.

Zoey has a dream, one that feels far more real than it should. A strange wolf with a beautiful violet crystal embedded in his forehead visits her. “Please help us,” the wolf implores. “Remember, Zoey, who you truly are.” Zoey wakes up, dismissing it as a silly dream. However, she soon realizes that it was far more real than she could have ever imagined.

Coda is Zoey’s older brother. Like many boys his age, he has a craving for adventure and a loathing for his younger sister. He can’t stand it that she constantly gets in his way, joining in on all his fun and ruining it during the process. And the worst, according to Coda, is that Zoey gets all of the attention from their parents. A big drag in his mind.

Then destiny arrives, one that Zoey and Coda must face together—if they want to survive.

Together, they journey to a place deep in the Cornell Forest, through a secret portal that leads them to an ancient world called Ohm Totem – to the place of the PureLights, the race beckoning for their help.

Caught between an age-old war and finding their way back home, Zoey and Coda go on an amazing adventure, taking them beyond the veils, beyond everything they once knew and into the grasp of the unknown.

7. What are your future writing projects?

I just finished the second book to The PureLight Series and it should be out in a couple of weeks. I’m currently writing a novel about a pilot and since I’m into fantasy, they’ll be a fascinating event that happens to this guy. I can’t wait to get back to it and write, write, write!

8. How do you divide your writing day? Are you a full-time writer?

I spend my day working, then coming home to my wonderful partner, Lotus, being with my kids, watching them go to bed for the night, then I get to writing. That’s the only time I can do it right now.

9. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Write from your heart, not for money. If you write from the heart, then the money will come. It may not be right away, but patience in this aspect, is definitely a virtue. Put a goal out there as to what you want in life, then take action on it.

10.Could you share your website with our readers?

Yes, my website is and if you want a free version of my book, I’m giving away copies in exchange for a review on amazon. So, if you’re interested in reviewing my book, email me at

Thank you for being here with me on my blog Brandon! It was GREAT to get to know you more. I look forward to your next books and wish you much success!


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