Keep Distractions at Bay during the Holidays

It can be hard to get some writing done in summer. However, it is essential to your success that you keep writing and that you keep your writing time sacrosanct, even during the holidays.

One way that I learned to do that is by making sure that my writing time is still in place in the earlier part of the day. That way, no matter who wants me to do something, I still could only after I finish my writing for the day.  And I usually keep writing until August 1st.  Then, I start planning for a getaway.


Here are a few quick tips to make sure that you keep writing, despite the upcoming holidays.


  • Bracket some writing time every day when you will be undisturbed.


  • Be steadfast and resolute to continue writing.


  • Take time to enjoy the season with your family and friends too.  But do your writing first.


  • Have a cut-off date after which you won’t be working—and honour that date.


  • Be proud of your accomplishments in December—no matter what they are!


By following these tips, you will be a serious writer, and your family friends will realize that by your behaviour and steadfastness.


Try it!


Irene S. Roth

Author and Editor


One thought on “Keep Distractions at Bay during the Holidays

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