Are you organized?

Welcome to this week’s reflective post. Today, I want to reflect on whether or not you are organized. Here are a few questions that I encourage to answer both here and in your writing journal or success journal.

1. Do you make a list of your goals and keep them before you every day before you start writing?

2. Do you set realistic writing goals that you know you can achieve?

3. Do you have confidence in your abilities as a writer?

4. Do you keep your desk uncluttered?

5. Do you keep you mind uncluttered as you start writing every day?

6. Do you enjoy your time at the computer or desk?

7. Are you a fulfilled writer?

8. Do you feel that you are a competent writer?

9. Do you try to improve all the time as a writer?

10. Are you part of any professional group of writers?

A Bientot!



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