Make this your best year yet!

Are you ready to make this year the best ever? I know I am. And I hope to do so by being less stressed and much more organized in the coming year. What are your plans?

Every year at this time, I start reflecting about how I did last year, not only in terms of productivity but organization and peace of mind as a writer. And then I try to make reflect on my overall year and how it went as a writer. Writers can only have a good year by planning and being organized.

Here are a few tips to make this the best year yet.

1. Sit down and write down what worked last year in your writing journal. If you don’t have a writing journal, start one for this year. Make that one of the new ways that you will reflect regularly on what works and what doesn’t work. I usually try and reflect in my writing journal each week. So, go out and buy yourself a nice writing journal, and plan to write in it regularly.

2. Once you discover what worked for you, write this down on a new page and plan to continue these activities. Also, think of new ways to refresh your writing career. Is there something that you can do that will help you be more productive or confident as a writer? This may be taking a new workshop in the coming year or just planning your writing closely so that you can have time to do other things.

3. Determine what your goals are for the next year. This is also an important way to keep on track. Unless you know what you want to accomplish how will you be productive? All writers need road maps in order to consider their goals and reflect on them.

4. Check your progress regularly. After you have set your goals, you will have to make sure that you are taking small steps to achieve your goals. And to check on your progress, you will have to objectively determine how you are doing. You could get a writing partner to help you out or you could simply write everything that you do every day to complete your goals and plan to do the best you can to achieve those goals. The more success you have, the more confident you will become.

So, take a few new steps to make sure that this is your best year yet. You can do it with a bit of planning.

Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


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