What is a Self-Empowered Writer?

Most of us are empowered writers. We tend to get motivated to work on a particular project. Other times, we are motivated because we get introduced to a very successful writer at a writer conference. And we are propelled to become the best writer that we are capable of. But is the type of empowerment that we need for long-term success as a writer?

I was empowered by others from the outside for years. And sadly most of the empowerment that came from the outside was short-lived. I’d be motivated to work on a project for a week or two or even a month or two, than my motivation would dwindle. I would get angry with my muse because I couldn’t quite measure up or I just plain got tired of the project and abandoned it.

What was missing, you ask? The missing bolt was my decision to pursue a project from the inside. In other words, I didn’t passionately decide for myself whether I was going to pursue this project to its completion. Instead, I got the motivation and encouragement from the outside and once the interest passed and the passion subsided, I abandoned the project time and time again. Why was that? The reason is because I was merely empowered to complete the project but not self-empowered.

To be self-empowered, the writer must be passionately moved from the inside to pursue a project. In other words, the writer must really want to pursue the project. The project must be in sync with the writer’s values and beliefs and a topic that the writer is passionate about. In other words, to be self-empowered, the writer must:

• Really want be passionate about pursuing the project;
• Work through challenges and past them;
• Create a writing plan that will see the project to completion;
• Be an effective self-manager and time manager;
• Be serious about the writing project and not let anything get in the way.

Thus, to be self-empowered, you have to be motivated to complete the project from the inside out not the outside in. You have to want to pursue the project very badly, and you have to be motivated to make it happen one day at a time.

So, which are you, an empowered writer or a self-empowered one?

Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


One thought on “What is a Self-Empowered Writer?

  1. Well, if the project is my own, and if I haven’t made the project more complicated than it needs to be — I can be self-empowered. But … like with so much of life, our (my) excitement comes from external sources — the MountainTop Experience. Once the glow wears off, the desire to do that thing evaporates. Accomplishment seems further and further from possible and failure seems assured. Desire to continue with the project dwindles to “Why should I waste my time on something doomed to failure? There must be something more important to do, like watch a video on YouTube or play a computer game!”
    Finding an accountablility partner or coach can help, but if the desire really does not come from inside, all the encouragement in the world to do that thing can feel more like bullying than encouragement.
    So, I do my art and my writing for me. I am the one I want to impress. Or the one I want to enjoy the finished product. Even that seems impossible sometimes but …

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