Meet author Jack Whitsel


1. Tell us a few things about yourself.

I’m a father of two wonderful boys and a creature who loves All things Fantasy! My other genres of interest include Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and non-fiction relating to the Medieval period. I have been writing since I could read – creating stories from the toys I’ve played with during childhood. And though I’m a published author, I have always considered myself a storyteller rather than a writer.

2. What is your favorite book?

I really don’t have a favorite book, but my favorite collection of fantasy is the Lord of The Rings saga.

3. Who is your favorite author?

JRR Tolkien by far. Not only was I introduced to Fantasy, but his books encouraged me to read as a whole. My mother was always prodding me to read more as a kid. And though I always had good grades at a young age, there was no love for reading…until Middle Earth.

4. What inspired you to want to write Shadows of Kings?

My greatest inspiration are my two sons. I had always told them stories of knights, wizards and monsters, and felt it was time to actually put some of them down on paper. Though the Dragon Rising series has some adult content, it was the tales I shared while tucking them into bed that brought Shadows of Kings to life.

5. Tell us a bit about your current writing projects.

I’m currently continuing my work on the Dragon Rising series. Shadows of Kings is the first book, which will be followed by Shades of Virtue (to be released Spring 2013), then Shards of Malice. The first volume concludes with Queens & Daggers. There will also be a book that will serve as a “Guide to” reference book, with genealogy, more details about the Hugue and Vol Thaldane, and a timeline.

6. Do you only write in one genre?

Fantasy is my focus for the time being, but I do have a work-in-progress for an Urban Fantasy piece. But this will have to sit upon the shelf for awhile.

7. Was this be a difficult book to write?

Fantasy has never been difficult for me to write. And when I say that, I don’t mean to sound pretentious. I have a genuine love for Fantasy and the Dragon Rising series seems to just flow. And Shadows of Kings was so fun to write, it has made the sequels a joy to work on.

8. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Writing is a wonderful process. It’s an exercise that one can see growth in just a short amount of time. Be diligent and you will see the fruits of your labor…and it is a labor of love. Remember, you don’t need to be published to call yourself a writer…and I will have words with anyone who says otherwise. And when beginning, don’t worry about publishing contracts or agents…just write.

9. Any last words?

Shadows of Kings was such a joy for me to create, and I’m thrilled to share it with all of you. I give you knights, monsters, and magic and mix it with a gritty medieval edge. I promise…you will be well entertained.

Thanks for allowing me to share a little about myself today. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Oceans of Love,

Thanks so much for being here on my blog Jack! Its been great getting to know you more!


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