What is an Authentic Writer?

There are many kinds of writers out there. But very few people know what constitutes an authentic writer. Obviously, authenticity has more to do with how a writer writes than what she writes about. In other words, authentic writers can write about anything at all.

Recently, I asked my critique group what characteristics they believed constituted an authentic writer. Here is the list that they came from. An authentic writer is:

1. Keen
2. Happy
3. Content in his/her own skin
4. Can roll with the punches of ups and downs that are so much a part of the writer’s life
5. Productive
6. Creative
7. Isn’t self-critical
8. Loves writing
9. Doesn’t compare him/herself to others
10. Knows that she is okay even if she gets rejected by an editor.

Now that’s quite a list, isn’t it?

I believe that an authentic writer is all of these things above. But what is more an authentic writer is fearless. When an authentic writer starts a new project, she is filled with joy and passion. She is not filled with dread and uncertainty. An authentic writer is able to silence that negative inner critique and to soar well above it.

It’s not that authentic writers never have a negative thought while they write. However, what the authentic writer does is dismisses these thoughts as being impermanent and way too inaccurate. Most of our negative thoughts are mood related. So, if we are in a good mood, our inner thoughts are positive. However, if we’re negative, our inner thoughts are negative. However, authentic writers are not influenced by their moods. They just step back from the negative things that they tell themselves over and over when they sit down to write and just relax and enjoy their writing. This will really help them to feel happy, content, and productive.

So, are you ready to become an authentic writer?

Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


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