Avoiding Exhaustion Doesn’t Have to be That Difficult

How to Avoid Exhaustion as a Writer

Many writers suffer from exhaustion. They have a difficult time to work smart and productively. Instead, they do SO many different things every day. This can lead to confusion and extreme exhaustion, not to mention unnecessary stress.

However, it is important for writers to avoid exhaustion as much as possible in order to be successful and fulfilled. Today, I will examine what exhaustion is, how to recognize whether or not you are exhausted, and how you can avoid it.

Exhaustion is a mental state which occurs when a writer’s inner/psychological resources for adapting to stress have broken down because of psychological disturbances or surrounding factors that they have come across.

When writers are exhausted, they experience physical and psychological weaknesses which can result in a loss of energy. Exhaustion can imply a weak overall feeling, along with muscle pain, cognitive problems (such as problems concentrating), and other mental and physical difficulties. Feelings of extreme exhaustion may be characterized as feelings of excessive fatigue, lack of energy, and increased irritability.

Here are a few ways to avoid exhaustion.

1. Do first things first. When you sit down to write, work on the most important writing projects first. These may be things you have committed to or that you have deadlines for. Then, do the other things, if time allows. Try to refrain from doing too many things.

2. Stick to your long-term and short-term writing goals. Each day, do the short-term goals which will complete your long-term goals. Have the discipline to stick to your writing goals. This will take the guess-work out of your writing time, and you could get a lot done without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Reward yourself when you get your writing done for a week or you complete a writing project. When you take the time to acknowledge that you were successful in completing one of your writing goals, you will feel better about yourself as a writer. In addition, this will give you some incentive to keep working and writing the next week, and you may not feel as overwhelmed.

4. Plan periods of rest and recreation during the day. Most of you write nonstop for a few hours and then go on and do other activities. It is absolutely essential you plan rest periods during the day to avoid exhaustion. They can be short periods of rest, such as 10 to 15 minutes every few hours, or a longer break of an hour every few hours after working for an extended time.

5. Do something nice for yourself every day. This doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. You may want to take a bubble bath or a long walk. During this time, you may also want to avoid people who are negative and toxic situations during these times too. This will give you a completely relaxed feeling.

6. Get enough sleep. Your body needs rest to be alert and productive the next day. If you have been sleep-deprived for a while, try to sleep at least eight to ten hours a night for a few days. In addition, go to sleep at the same time every night to develop a consistent sleep routine and turn off all things which might cause noise and distraction. Lastly, try to keep your room as dark as possible. This will help you sleep deeper and not to awakened as often.

By following these tips, you will avoid complete exhaustion. And these tips will benefit your overall writing productivity and sense of well-being as well. But you first have to determine whether or not you’re exhausted. Here are a few questions to ponder.

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? When?

What do you do to avoid exhaustion?

Do you try to do too much and then feel exhausted and unfocused a lot of the time? Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

Irene S. Roth, MA
Freelance Writer, Author, and Reviewer

Please visit my website at https://irenesroth.wordpress.com for more writing tips. Also, I have a new website where I offer one new tip a day to be the most motivated and successful writer that you are capable of. For daily tips, please visit http://inspiringfreelancewriter.wordpress.com 


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