A to Z Blog Challenge

R = Refine Habits as a Writer

A writer’s habits are usually works in progress. None of our habits are carved in stone. The habits that successful writers create and commit to are usually fluid at best. They must be moulded with the writer and his/her situation.

So, what are fluid habits? Fluid habits are habits that change for a writer. Most writers have to change their writing goals every quarter. This is because some goals get done while others must be rethought or shuffled onto a back burner for later.

In order to refine habits, writers must do one or more of the following things. They must:

1. Refocus their habits so that they reflect their true goals for a particular time.

2. Restructure their habits so that they reflect what they really need to do during a quarter.

3. Clarify their habits often. Sometimes what we think we should be doing on a regular basis won’t help us to be successful. So, we have to clarify our goals and then reformulate our habits.

4. Expand a writing project and habit so that it is clear and can be done step-by-step to complete their writing goals. .

5. Rethink their habits. Some writers get their writing goals wrong the first time they develop their habits. So, it is very important that writers rethink their goals to make sure that they are really the goals they should be focusing on.

By refining habits, writers can become much more successful and motivated over time.

Try it!

Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


2 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. I probably need to do some of all of these. I’m overflowing with bad writing habits. But in all fairness I think I’ve developed some pretty good ones.

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