A-Z Blog Challenge

J = Juggle

Many successful writers do many other things except write. Some writers work full time. Others work part time. Still others work full time or part time and have families. So, writing takes a juggling act for most of us.

However, it is essential for writers to write in order to be successful. No one can be a considered a writer unless (s)he spends a considerable amount of time actually writing. Writing doesn’t just happen without a lot of effort and perspiration. But mostly writing won’t happen unless we actually setting a consistent time to write every week.

Here are a few ways that writers who work full time (or part time) can make sure that they write.

1. Prepare large batches of food ahead of time so that two or three evenings a week you could sit down and write instead of cook.
2. Tell your family that you will be writing on certain days and don’t make plans for you to go out as a family unless they want to go out by themselves.
3. Keep your writing in mind at all times and make sure that you keep those days and times sacrosanct. For instance, if you’re supposed to write on Tuesday and Thursday after dinner, don’t schedule a girl’s night out on one of those days.
4. Notify your friends when you will be unavailable. Tell them that you’re a writer, and which days of the week are devoted to writing.

By being serious about your writing and keeping the time sacrosanct, you will be showing your friends and family that you a serious writer. Who knows, they may even help you by giving you the time to write when you need it.

Try it!

Irene S. Roth
Author and Editor


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