A to Z Blog Challenge

C = Courage in the Face of adversity

It takes many writers a while to develop courage, especially when difficulties arise in our writing life or if we have challenges to even get to our desk.

For most writers, it takes a long time to develop the requisite skills to become a good writer. Because of this, it can take time to develop ourselves as a writer to the extent that we are not tainted by another person’s attitude towards us.

I know many writers who have families who are very averse to their writing careers. They have to fight with their families to even get an hour or two of writing done. This can really set up these writers for hating their writing because they are never accepted when they write. Most of the writers in this category have the courage to assert their time boundaries with their family.

If you are in this category, here are a few tips for you to try out to make sure that you get your writing done:

1. Tell your family ahead of time when you will be writing. Notice I said tell not ask. There’s a huge difference. If you ask your family for some time to write, they will always have something else for you to do.

2. Keep to your writing schedule. Other than for emergencies, when you say that your writing time is for an hour after dinner, you go to your office and write. Nothing should get in your way.

3. After you finish your writing, do something with your family to show them that you care about them too. This could help you for the future, and your family may not put as much pressure on you if you write for an hour or two.

4. Tell your friends and relatives about your writing schedule so that you could sit down and write when the time comes.

By following these tips, you’ll be developing the courage to write, despite your adversities. Remember, you’re a writer, with or without your family’s permission!

Try it!

Irene S. Roth, MA
Author and Editor


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