Book Review of A Wonderful and Inspiring Book For Writers

Seizing Opportunities That Propel Your Forward
By: Charlotte Denise Sutton

It’s been a while since I enjoyed an E-book to this degree. I found Charlotte Denise Sutton’s book motivating, inspiring, and full of wisdom and tidbits that all writers can take with them to bring their writing career to the next level.

New opportunities are thrown our way daily. But we must recognize them as opportunities and actually do something to bring them about. Opportunities are any situation that allows a person to prosper or become much more effective than before. Most of us lack opportunity because we don’t recognize an opportunity, and we don’t actually know what we want. On the flip side of things, we may recognize the wrong opportunity. That is just as bad as not recognizing an opportunity at all.

Before an individual can look for the opportunities around, however, she must know what she wants to accomplish in life. In other words, the person must have goals and must be trying to pursue them. Thus, to grasp the opportunities that are around us, we must be prepared for the opportunity. Charlotte believes that this can take time and effort. How far we go depends on how well we plan.

In addition, we must also stop comparing ourselves to others. This is such a big problem for writers. We are always comparing ourselves to others and it seems we’re in competition with writers we don’t even know. This can make us feel awful about ourselves and it can put a damper on our writing career.

Further, we must treasure our time, and not waste it answering email when we’re supposed to be writing or putting off a real opportunity because we feel pressed or rushed. Instead, we must realize that time cannot be stored for later use. Once time is gone, it can never be regained or brought back. In other words, there is only one thing we can never have more of time.

Charlotte’s inspiring E-book will be helpful to all writers who want to succeed but who are not courageous enough to take full advantage of the many daily opportunities that come their way. This can make or break writers of all vintages.

Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth


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