Creativing and Noise: A Dilemma for Introverted Writers

Many writers don’t have the luxury to write in an ideal environment. Writers are busy people, and there are many different aspects of their lives only one of which is writing. What conditions do writers need to write?

Most writers have different preferences about their most ideal environment. These preferences depend on their personality type more than on anything else. If writers are introverts, they’ll probably want to work in total quiet. Most writers prefer to be alone at home and they don’t want anyone coming into their office when they are hard at work.

There are other writers, however, who don’t mind if there is some noise in the house or even in their office. Such writers may have kids playing and carrying on in the rec room or living room and they have no difficulty whatsoever focusing on their writing. They are usually known as introverted extroverts. Then there are the rare writers who can write anywhere with any level of noise. These writers are usually regarded as complete extroverts in that they can cope with noise and not be bothered by it at all.

Thus, one of the first things writers should do when determining their ideal writing environment is to determine whether they need solitude when they write. If writers don’t know if they are pure extroverts or introverts, the best way to find out is to try working in a totally quiet environment and then going to their local coffee shop and see if they could write there as easily. This will give writers the necessary information for them to create the ideal working environment.

In conclusion, extroverts can deal with interruptions more easily than introverts. This is because introverts are much more sensitive to noise and interruptions. Many writers are introverts. This means that they are bothered by outside distractions much more than extroverts. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Irene S. Roth, MA.
Freelance Writer for Teens and Tweens


2 thoughts on “Creativing and Noise: A Dilemma for Introverted Writers

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