Is The Creative Process Spiritual?

Many times the writing life can help us to come to terms with things that have been
painful in the past. For this to occur, we must write and write about a topic and
be as honest as possible in the writing.

It also is the case that to write stories, we must encounter the truth. We must
write about how it is for us, or was for us. If we lie about how it was, we won’t
enjoy the process as much as if we’re brutally honest about the whole process.

This means that we have to seamless with our readers and with ourselves.
We can’t be scared of the truth. We must write about it, as it is for us.
We can’t really hide what happened without feeling like we’re a bit of a cheat.

So, when you sit down to write, write from the heart dear writers.
Don’t hide anything. Instead, bask in the wonderful or painful
experiences from the past, and let them pour onto the page.
Only in this way will you be able to unload as a writer and
enjoy the kind of emancipation that only writing can give.

~ Happy Writing!
~ Irene


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