Why do YOU Write?

It is so difficult for some of us to really determine why we write.
But the question, I think, is key to being a successful writer.

For myself, I write because I can’t not write…
just simple as that. Maybe that makes me obsessive,
I don’t know. But I know that I am REALLY a writer.
Writing is just as important to me as having a bath
a day or eating an apple a day. It is just good
for my mind and soul. Many writers don’t feel
compelled to write. And that is fine.

But it seems that there is a correlation between
really wanting and needing to write every day,
and actually being successful. I have read so
many biographies of writers who feel exactly
how I do, and they are the ones, usually,
who have many, many published books.
So, why do YOU write? Why not sit down
and reflect on that today and see where
your thoughts take you.

Happy writing everyone!

Irene S. Roth


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