The Importance of Taking a Step-Back

       Writers tend to write, revise, and submit. That
       is all they seem to have to do to be successful.
       But I have discovered that we also need one more
       thing to be successful: we have to take a day a
       month to step-back from our work to see if we are
       on track with all of our writing projects and
       three main goals.
       This isn’t always easy to do because we believe
       that we should continuously be writing and
       revising. Although this is indeed the core of
       what we do, unless we take a day to reflect on
       what we did during the month to see if we’re on
       track, we won’t even know if we are off track in
       completing our three main goals.
       I like to take a day at the end of each month,
       even if it is a weekend day, to really examine
       what I did and whether I am effectively
       fulfilling my writing goals. If I’m not, then I
       could make sure that I do the next month. This
       step may seem tedious, but it is absolutely
       essential to be a successful writer.
       So, take the time today to plan your step-back
       day. You’ll be so glad that you did and you’ll
       feel much more productive the next month.
       ~ Happy Writing!
       ~ Irene S. Roth


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