You Don’t Have to be Perfect

       Many freelance writers come to their writing desks feeling less
       than perfectly capable of writing their best work. It’s not necessary
       that you write perfectly every day. However, it is essential that
       you write consistently.
       Some days, even perhaps most days if a writer is lucky and
       experienced, she will feel in her groove and she’ll get a lot of work
       done as a result. On other days, the same writer may feel totally
       disorganized and unable to do her best work. This is all part of
       I know there are days that I really feel off when I get to my
       office. I feel like disorganized, anxious, and unable to focus. I do
       have a routine that I follow on such days so that I get SOME
       writing done. But I never count on the writing on that day to be
       polished or my final draft. The next day when I’m feeling much
       more focussed, I go back to that piece and read it over again.
       So, don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a bad day. Take a
       deep breath and know in your heart that tomorrow will be better.
       So, rejoice and be glad!
       ~ Irene


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