Patience Is So Important For Writing Success

       It is sometimes difficult for writers to just be patient when
       they’re writing. We want to simply write and send out our
       manuscripts quickly.  We feel that if we get our manuscripts out
       the door quickly, we will have at least some assurance that they
       will get published somewhere and we will finally get paid and get
       a publication credit.
       If you’re like this, I know exactly how you feel. I tend to be very
       impatient too. And this is especially the case when I have to
       proofread and revise my work endless times. After revising a few
       times, I think it is ready to send out. But is it really? In 2008, this
       was precisely what I did, and I only published three articles.
       So what I decided to do next year is to have a friend of mine
       read over my work before I send it out to magazine editors. And
       my chances of getting published doubled because she found all
       the small mistakes and ensured that the stuff that I send out is the
       best that it could be. I even got hired by one magazine as a
       freelance writer!
       So, if you’re a beginning writer, I strongly suggest that if you’re
       not lucky as I am to have a friend who will proofread your work,
       that you hire a proofreader. They do cost a bit of money, but it is
       worth it. This is because most times our manuscripts are rejected
       right away if it is sloppily written and mediocre. So, to avoid that,
       you must take steps to revise patiently, or let someone else read
       your manuscripts over.
       ~ To your writing success!
       ~ Irene


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