Are you Burned out Already?

      Most of us are so energetic at the beginning of a new year. We
       tend to over-book and over-extend ourselves to the point that we
       burn ourselves out by the end of the month. That is such a sad but
       true statement.
       I notice the same thing at the fitness club that I belong to. At the
       beginning of January, the women come and work out four or five
       times a week for as much as four hours at a time. By the time the
       middle of the month comes around, they are mostly gone, and the
       aerobics classes as well as the fitness equipment are empty.
       The same idea can be extended to our writing. We tend to go
       full throttle in the first week of January, only to find out that we
       have totally exhausted ourselves, and so we quit writing projects,
       and our goals just go undone.
       There is one sure way to make sure that this doesn’t occur. You
       must create NO MORE THAN THREE long term goals right at the
       beginning of the year. Then from these goals, you must create a
       short term plan to accomplish these smaller goals every week. If
       you haven’t done so already, take the time to do so. It is very
       important to your success and peace of mind as a writer.
       ~ Happy goal setting!
       ~ Irene


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