Karen Cioffi’s Guest Blog

       10 FREE Surefire Ways to Promote You and Your Book
       Part 2: Strategies 6-10
       By Karen Cioffi

       A prior post, Part 1, goes over the first five free strategies to help
       create visibility for you and your platform: Create a marketing
       plan; Create a website or blog; Post to your blog; Write articles for
       article directories; and Take advantage of your local library. Now
       on to the next five:

       6. Publicize

       If your book is published, contact your local newspapers and ask
       if they will do a feature on you. Local papers look for local news;
       having an author in the neighborhood is news. When my book,
       Day’s End Lullaby, became available, my local paper did a 3/4
       page spread on the book, me, and my co-author. It was great

       7. Social Network

       Join groups and forums that focus in the area you write. Social
       networking is a wonderful way to increase visibility. There are
       also many marketing groups you can join to increase your
       promotional strategy knowledge.

       8. Use reviews to increase your visibility

       Post reviews of books you’ve read on sites such as Amazon,
       Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari. This is another useful
       marketing tool that will increase your visibility and build up your

       You can also ask blogger who post reviews if you can do a guest
       review post.

       9. Submit your book to reviewers

       This is a great promotion tool; having good reviews to post on
       your site, and sites such as Amazon is an important aspect to
       selling books, and selling books is what book promotion is all

       10. Create a signature for your emails

       This signature is another means of allowing your platform to take
       root. Include your sites’ URLs, the name of your book/s, maybe a
       quote you like to live by, and any other information that will show
       who and what you are.

       Well, that’s it. This finishes the ten free surefire strategies to create
       and increase your visibility. There are many, many more
       strategies, but these should be the basics to get you started.
       And, remember if you need help with content, creating a blog, or
       you’re working on a book and can use another set of eyes, DKV
       Writing 4 U is always ready and able to help.
       For writing and marketing information visit Karen Cioffi (
       http://karencioffi.com ). And, if you need help with your writing
       project stop by http://dkvwriting4u.com. Sign up for our free
       monthly newsletter, A Writer’s World, and get two free e-books
       about writing and/or marketing


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