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       10 FREE Surefire Ways to Promote You and Your Book
       Part 1: Strategies 1-5
       By Karen Cioffi
       In today’s world where a cup of coffee can cost $3 to $5, it’s a relief
       to know there are many avenues available to create visibility and
       promotion, and establish your platform. We’ll look at the first five
       out of ten now.

       1. Create a marketing plan

       If you’re not sure what to do, just create a list of what you should
       be doing. You can include the steps below to start. A plan helps to
       keep you on track and provides focus.

       2. Create a website or blog

       Create a free blog using Blogger, WordPress.com, Webs.com, or
       Ning.com (there are many other sites for this purpose also). This is
       the first step and is a must in your marketing strategy. This is the
       step that will launch your visibility and platform. For those who
       are unaware of what a platform is, it is a means of establishing you
       as an expert in your field.

       Along with creating a Blog is choosing a domain name. On sites
       such as Blogger, you can choose a name for free, but you should
       also purchase a name at this point. Your domain name should
       reflect you and your work. And, don’t be short-sighted here; when
       choosing your name, think of a name that will grow with you.

       When I started out I chose the name of my first book, Day’s End
       Lullaby, as my domain name. I paid $12.95 per month for a limited
       usage site. I have long since given up the site, but still have
       business cards with the old URL on them. I could have gone with
       Karen’s World of Writing and Marketing, or some other more
       functional name, but I didn’t look ahead at the time.

       3. Post to your blog

       This is the crucial step that will initially put you on the cyberspace
       map. It’s important to create unique, informative, and useful
       content; this is the beginning of establishing yourself as an expert
       establishing your platform. And, it will bring traffic to your

       A note here: There is much talk about using keywords in your
       content, and it is so for good reason. Using keyword rich content
       will please the search engines, such as Google. Briefly, keyword
       rich content and titles mean you include words that a reader may
       use when doing a search for the topic you are writing about. What
       this means is if you are writing about promotion, you will include
       words pertaining to promotion in your title and article.

       4. Write articles for article directories

       This is the next step to broaden your horizons and readership.
       Article directories such as EzineArticles.com,
       AssociatedContent.com, and Suite101.com are great sources to use
       to further establish you and your platform. As with your blog
       content, the article must be keyword rich, unique, and provide
       useful information. If the content is useful to the reader, he/she
       will click on your link to see what your site has to offer.

       It would be a good idea to offer a freebie on your site. There are a
       number of e-books floating around cyberspace that writers can
       offer on their sites. The authors of these e-books allow others to
       offer them as giveaways to increase their own visibility as the
       authorship or byline must be included if used. Offering these
       freebies will entice readers to your site.

       5. Take advantage of your local library

       If your book is published, go to your local library and ask if they
       will carry it. You can also ask if you can give a presentation.

       For writing and marketing information visit Karen Cioffi 
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