Goals Can Keep you Focused

       Determining your writing goals can be very difficult. This is
       especially the case when you have to make long-term goals.
       However, without long-term writing goals, you will be very
       unfocused and your writing career will suffer.
       Once you make a list of your long-term goals, you could
       deduce your short-term goals from them. Once you determine
       what your long and short-term goals are for four months, you
       don’t ever have to wonder what you will work on today. That
       way, everything will be planned and in its place.
       So, why is this important you ask? Well, unless you know
       where you’re going, you can’t really get there, can you? We all
       need motivation and encouragement. And if we could do the
       encouraging on our own, all the better, because it will have less of
       a chance of not working.
       I have a daily planner, a weekly planner, and a yearly planner.
       All of my planners are in my office, and I can refer to them just by
       turning my head at any point. My monthly planner is one of my
       wall’s in my office. It tells me what projects I should be doing on a
       particular day. My weekly planner is hanging on the wall above
       my desk. This keeps me focussed on my goals and keeps me on
       track. And lastly, I have a yearly planner on another wall in my
       office. So, I have all of my long and short-term goals in sight.
       When I come into my office, these lists and calendars motivate
       me to be my best and to fulfill all my goals. Try planning your
       short and long-term goals to keep yourself focussed.

        ~ Irene


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