Are You Experiencing Challenges With Your Goals?

       Many of us are already experiencing challenges with our goals.
       It is normal and there are many things that we could do to get
       around these things.
       One of the best things that we could do is to write about these
       challenges in our success journals. Our success journal is a place
       that we could unwind and brainstorm ways that we could get
       around our challenges in order to be successful.

      Here is what I do when I run into a snag.
       1.  I take some time to re-read my goals. Are they really the
       goals that I want to pursue. Are they relevant to my overall goals
       as a writer? If they are, then I will continue thinking of strategies
       for overcoming the current challenges that I may be facing. If they
       are not relevant, I discard them and create new goals for myself.
       2.  Next, I write about my challenges. If one of my challenges is
       to find time to write on the weekend, I try and carve out some
       time to do so even if it no more than one half hour at a time. By
       writing down your challenges, you’ll be able to come to terms
       with them and find solutions to them too.
       By following these two tips, you’ll be able to overcome some of
       the challenges that you may be having with your goals. Take the
       time to reflect on your goals and how things are going at the end
       of every week. It is worth it in the long run.


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