Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Well, it’s a brand new year and a brand new decade. Are you excited? I know I am. But in order to prepare ourselves to be the best that we can be in the next decade, we must get rid of certain habits that are sabotaging our efforts at being our best in our writing and in other areas in our life too. 

I recently read a very informative blog by one of my favourite all time writers: Kristi Holl. Her blog is always a wealth of information and knowledge. If you don’t know of it, please visit her blog often at

On December 31st, she has an especially informative blog for the new year. It is about how to head off bad habits. She includes a template as to how to get rid of these awful pesky habits. Here is Kristi’s idea about how to change bad habits into good ones. She actually has a template. Here is part of what Kristi Holl says.

I need a plan of attack for each of those habits. Here’s a template you can use to head off bad habits.


Template · My problem area is: ____________ · My goal is to not fall into the habit of ___________.

· I know it creates the following harmful circumstances: ____________

· I want to create a new sustainable habit. Therefore I will guard myself by changing the following circumstances: ____________________

· I will remove the following temptations: ________________

To read her complete blog, please visit

Happy New Year!

~ Irene 




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