The Countdown Is On…..

 The last few days have been difficult ones for me. I have been trying to set my THREE writing goals for next year. I started with ten, then five, then four, and now three. And as I have discovered working on my goals today, the three goals that I close all interrelate with one another to give my writing career purpose and overall achievement.

This isn’t easy to explain. But for your three goals to work for you, they can’t be too narrow or too broad. They just have to be of the right scope for your overall purposes. So, your first goal is to determine what EXACTLY is the goal for your writing and your niche.

It isn’t enough to say that I write for children or teens, for instance. You must narrow down the purpose much more. For instance, will you write fiction or nonfiction? Do you want to write books or stories/articles? Also, you have to determine the purpose for your writing. Do you want to teach a moral lesson with your writing? Or, do you want to just write a humorous piece? All of these questions have to be answered before you could sit down and get to your three main goals.

If this sounds confusing and frustrating, I assure that it is. But unless you do this at the beginning of the year, you will be fumbling around in the dark with no rhyme or reason for your writing. That’s right fellow writers—you will waste a whole year going aimlessly from one thing to the other without any purpose and goal for doing it. Try not to do that. I’ve been there and done that. And it is a terrible way to live!

~ Irene


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