Determining Your Writing Goals

Every successful writer sets writing goals at the beginning of the year and then tries to follow them through the year. It is never easy writers to achieve this. And I know that I wasn’t successful when it comes to accomplishing what I said that I would have this year. However, I am learning how to set my goals, and I think this coming year I will be much more successful that I have been in the past. At least, I’m hoping that this will be the case.

Experts say that we all should strive to choose no more than three main goals for the year, and each day, has to bring us closer to accomplishing these three overall goals. So, why is this so hard, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons.

1. It is really hard to choose ONLY THREE GOALS. I know that I want to accomplish a lot more than just three goals. I would like to accomplish at least five to ten overall goals. But I could tell you, it doesn’t work, because that is what I did last year.

2. For most writers, greed takes over. We want to accomplish so much more than we should humanly try to achieve. That may be because writers, or at leat the ones that I know, are overachievers. We try to do WAY TOO MUCH. And then we set ourselves up for failure.

3. We don’t want to limit ourselves. We tend to think that we can do it. We have all the time in the world. And we owe it to ourselves to try. Right? Again, bad idea?

So, given these reasons, I strongly suggest that you sit down right now, before 2011, and determine your THREE MAIN GOALS FOR 2011. And yes, dear friends, just choose THREE GOALS. Not FIVE, SIX, OR EVEN FOUR. JUST THREE.

Let me know how you do. I will do the same tomorrow.

~ Talk to you in a few days.
~ Irene


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