When Your Best Laid Plans Don’t Work

I chose this topic for today’s blog because I
am sensing panic in some of my writing friends
who are participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo.
They are very frustrated and disillusioned
because they haven’t been able to keep up with
their overall word counts. Some of my friends
have fallen behind a lot. Still others quit all
together. If any of you are reading this post and
are feeling the same way, please don’t despair
because you’re not alone.

Most NaNo’s by now are in some sad and
disillusioned state of mind. Most of us are
either behind a lot or a bit. I am a bit behind
myself with my total word quota. But I am keeping
at it just the same. Last week, I felt so
exhausted and frustrated that I had to take a few
days off from writing altogether. I did take that
time, went to a few Christmas bazaars locally,
and when I came back to it a few days, I felt a
renewed energy and vitality for my project.

So, when your best laid plans don’t work for
you fellow writers, try one of the following:

1. Take a few days break and do something else
entirely. Try and choose something that you
really enjoy so that the experience will
rejunveniate you.

2. Don’t despair if you don’t complete your
word count by the end of November. Just be glad
to get as much as you can done. It will help you
continue writing next month.

3. Never give up entirely on your novel. Just
take a break. If you give up on your novel
altogether, you may be losing a wonderful
opportunity. And who knows, it may be your
breakthrough novel.

4. Have a plan in place to finish up your
novel after NaNo ends if you don’t complete it by
the end of November. You may want to set some
time in December or January to complete it. No
matter when it is, just plan to complete it and
write down your plans to do so in your planner.

By following these tips, hopefully you won’t be
as devastated if you don’t succeed at completing
your 50,000 words this month. Just keep thinking
of the future and keep planning because your
novel is worth it. And, above all, please don’t
give up!

~ Irene S. Roth


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